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Category: Outdoor Fiber Optical Cable
Product Manual:fiber optic cable-mining cable-Fire retardant


In the standard flame-resistant optical fiber cable for mine use, the fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with nonwoven fabrics of high density water-resistant filling compound .A steel wire, sometimes sheathed with polythene for cable with high fiber count, locates in the center of core as a metallic strengthening member. Tubes are stranded around the strengthening member into a compact and circular cable core. The PSP is longitudinally applied over the cable core which is filled with the filling compound to protect it from water ingress. Then a PE sheath is applied. At last, the cable is completed with a blue PVC sheath.

-PBT Loose tube, steel structure.

-Selection of halogen-free flame retardant sheath, suitable of all kinds of coal mines.

-Excellent mechanical and temperature performance guaranteed by the accurate excess fiber length.
-Critical protection to fibers, based on the excellent hydrolysis resistance and strength performance of tube material and special filling compound filled in the tube.

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