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Patch cord

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Product Manual:Our factory supplies SC, FC, ST, LC, MTRJ, E2000, MU, MPO, MTP fiber optic patch cords, all of them were used in highest quality fiber ferrule, not the recycle fiber ferrule, it guarantees a good inse


CAT5e/CAT6/CAT6a/ CAT7 flat cable /patch cord/patch cable

Fiber optic patch cord, sometimes also called fiber optic jumper or fiber optic patch cables. It is one of the most commonly used components in fiber optic network. It can make a connection between a Network interface, or NETWORK port, and a media segment, or to directly connect stations and Hubports together.

Generally there are two types of fiber optic patch cords: single mode fiber optic patch cords and multimode fiber optic patch cords. here the word mode means the transmitting mode of the fiber optic light in the fiber optic cable core. Usually single mode fiber optic patch cord are with 9/125 fiber glass and with yellow jacket color, multi mode fiber optic patch cord are with 50/125 or 62.5/125 fiber glass and with orange color. Distinguish by external shape, there have simplex, duplex, multi, ribbon fan out and bundle fiber optic cable assemblies. Typical fiber optic patch cord cable diameter can be 0.9mm, 2mm,or 3mm.


1.CAT.5E / CAT.6 network  patch cord

3.UTP/FTP cat5e/cat6 cable 

4.CCA,Bare Cooper,CCA+CCS.materials



1), Rated Temperature: 60°C or 75°C

2), Unshielded twisted pairs

3), Conductor: 26AWG or 24AWG or 23AWG Stranding or Solid Bare copper

4),  Insulation: HD-PE(High density polyethylene),minimum thickness of 0.18mm

5),  Jacket: PVC or LSNH,minimum thickness of 0.55mm

6),  Impedance:100±15%Ω at 1~100MHz




1. Solid Copper Conductor Allows High Performance

2.Fast and Reliable Connection

3.Twisted Pairs with Bright Color for Easy Recognition

4.Ripcord and Footmark for Convenient Use

5.Smooth Jacket for Easy Pulling in Tight Space

6.Color in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue, White or as per Your Requirement



1.Computer Network Cabling Project.

2.Broadband Network Communication.

3.Digital ISDN Network and ATM 155Mbps Network

4.Ethernet Network

5.Audio and Data Transmission

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