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Fiber Optic Adapter Connector Coupler

Category: FBT Coupler
Product Manual:Fused fiber optic coupler (FBT Coupler) is designed for power splitting and tapping telecommunication equipment, CATV networks, and test equipment. This kind of small components are available individu


Fiber Optic Adapter Optical Connector Coupler


1. Low insertional loss and back reflection loss
2. High prcision alignment
3. Nickel plated brass body 
4. Use in Single-mode or Multimode applications
5 .Choice of housing material and sleeve material




1.Fiber Optic Telecommunications
2.LAN (Local Area Network)
3.FTTH (Fiber To The Home)
4.CATV&CCTV System
5.High speed transmission systems
6.Fiber optic sensing
7.Industtial, Mechanical and Military




Parameter    Unit LC, SC, FC, ST
                                             SM      MM
                                PC     UPC    APC      PC
Insertion Loss (Typical)     dB                                ≤0.2    ≤0.2    ≤0.2     ≤0.2
Return Loss     dB                                ≥45    ≥50    ≥60     ≥30
Exchangeability     dB ≤0.2
Repeatability     dB                                                      ≤0.2
Durability   Time                                                     >1000
Operating Temperature     °C                                                    -40~75
Storage Temperature     °C                                                    -45~85

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